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Diamond Press Flower Sun Catcher - Hydrangea Ranger

Delicate pressed flowers between glass with copper tape and hook on cotton thread.

Diamond Large - 17.5 x 10cm.

Each one is handmade and one- off.

From Isabella Patcher - 'Hydrangea Ranger is a collection designed and hand made with love in New Zealand by me.

I have been taught throughout my life by my family of talented and delicate makers who use their hands as their tools. Hydrangea Ranger came from a desire to follow in their footsteps and do what I love best - making.

When you support Hydrangea Ranger you are supporting handmade and local. I am so thankful to those that visit Hydrangea Ranger and buy my products for yourself or as gifts. You give me warm fuzzies every time.

x Isabella Pachter / Hydrangea Ranger'


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