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Visiskin Kansa Wand

Visiskin Kansa Wand

A Kansa Wand is the Ayurvedic answer to the Jade Skin Roller, in fact it predates it. A beautiful dome shaped, wooden handled tool with a tip made of Kansa metal — a material made of copper and tin. The tool is designed to stimulate blood circulation.

How to Use the Visiskin Wand

1. Start by applying a dropping a of oil or serum to the metal side of the wand.

2. You can massage in any way that feels best. Our suggested massage technique is to massage the wand in circles around the middle of the forehead five times in a counterclockwise direction. Repeat five times in a clockwise direction.. Use a firm, but not hard, pressure as you massage. Draw the figure-eight pattern on the forehead five times Circle across to your temple. Continue with the same circular motion to massage first one temple and then move over to the other.

5. Once you’ve done both temples,  move onto the eye area. Using a figure of eight motion, move the wand around both eyes. Do this in one direction a few times and then reverse the movement to do it in the other direction.

6. Next, take the wand under your cheekbones and using small circular motions. Follow the line of the cheekbone a few times, moving from your nose towards your ear. This helps to firm and lift your cheekbones. Repeat the same motion on the other side.

7 Move to the jawline. Move up from the chin to  along the jaw to the ear lobe using small circular motions.

8. Finally, finish with encouraging lymphatic drainage by working your wand down the sides of your neck, taking any toxins away from your face. You can use a lighter touch in this area.

You can work as fast or as slow as you like while using the wand either for a 5 minute uplift when you wake up in the morning in the morning or in the evening as a 20 minute post work day relaxing face massage. 

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