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Bio Whenua Koromiko and Cucumber Crème

Bio Whenua Koromiko and Cucumber Crème

The Bio Whenua Koromiko & Cucumber Crème is luxurious and deeply nourishing. Ideal for decreasing unwanted lines and wrinkles while increasing firmness and hydration. 

Key ingredients include Epseama (Laminaria japonica) seaweed extract, which has been tested and proven to increase collagen levels and epidermis thickness, while also preventing collagen degradation. The creme also contains Dongbaek (Camellia) seed oil which has its own antioxidant, anti-inflammation, anti-wrinkle and moisturising effects. Sea Buckthorn and Prickly Pear oils also contain antioxidants, as well as vitamins and amino acids to restore elasticity and brighten your complexion without clogging pores. 

 Made just through the tunnel in Woolston. 

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