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Koanga New Zealand Heritage Seed Collections

Koanga New Zealand Heritage Seed Collections

These are special collections of seeds from the Koanga Institute up in Wairoa, Hawkes Bay.  

NZ Heritage Rare Seeds
The Heritage Rare Seed Collection has 10 types of seed and comes with the stories of each seed.
Collection currently contains Dalmatian Pea, White Scotch Runner Bean, King’s Gold Tomato, Avon Resister Parsnip, Pean Dalmatian, Alma Tomato, Broadbean Red Seeded, Zimbabwe Squash, Cucumber Port Albert, Kaanga Ma Maize.

Children's Garden
Children’s Garden Collection has hut building instructions using flowers and the vegetables included are exciting shapes and colours as well as easy and fun to grow.
Collection currently contains Sunflower GIant Russian (for making children’s huts), Morning Glory (for making children’s huts), Zinnia Chromosia (to attract the butterflies), Cucumber Green Apple, Kiwano, White Scotch Runner Bean, Te Anau Salad Pea, Popping Corn Mini Black, Magenta Spreen Lamb’s Quarters.

Nourishing Greens
So delicious and lush! Got to have your greens.
Collection currently contains Puha Prickly, Purslane, Lamb’s Quarters Magenta Spreen, Upland Cress, Endive Indivia Scarola, Corn salad, Kale Borecole, Dalmation Cabbage, Watercress.

Koanga have included both Summer and Winter crops in the Superfood collection to create a year of fun and discovery and homegrown superfood!
Collection currently contains Kale | Borecole, Cabbage | Dalmatian (Aka: Collards), Kiwano, Lambs Quarters| Magenta Spreen, Purslane | Wild Crafted, Parsley | Dalmatian, Red Orach, Cape Gooseberries.

Rainbow Summer Salad
This collection of summer vegetables will ensure you have a load of colour, fun, flavour and nutrition in your salads this summer.
Collection currently contains Cucumber Port Albert, Lambs Quarters Magenta Spreen, Beetroot Chioggia, Finger Lettuce, Red Orach, Carrot Touch on, Rainbow Cherry Tomato Mix, Lettuce Lightheart.

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