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Sea Salt Pebble Soap - Studio Star

Sea Salt Pebble Soap - Studio Star

face | body soap
150g - 170g

You will get 3 x different pebble shapes and colors of soap which are approx. 150-170g
in total. They come in a cotton bag.
Each piece has a unique look.

+ charcoal | coconut oil | peppermint | tea tree
A moisturizing & exfoliant soap for all skin types

• Sea salt (Marlborough) - great moisturizing and gentle exfoliant
• Sea salt (Marlborough) - creamy dense lather
• Activated charcoal - detoxify oily skin or acne
•Coconut oil - boosts the power of sea salt

Created using organic sea salt from the Marlborough Sounds. Sea Salt is laden of minerals that can improve the hydration of your skin while it exfoliates gently to remove impurities. The sea salt also creates a creamy dense lather and longer-lasting bar to use. The activated charcoal can help to detoxify oily skin or acne. And coconut oil boosts the power of sea salt. Enhanced by the refreshing scent of peppermint and tea tree essential oils.


Ingredients: coconut oil, Marlborough sea salt, purified water, sodium hydroxide, poppy seeds, activated charcoal powder, titanium dioxide. Essential oils of peppermint and tea tree.

For use on your face and body. Avoid contact with your eyes.
Keep it well-drained to increase the longevity of the soap.

How to store soap, not in use:
Store in a cool and dark place. Do not store soap with different scents together otherwise, the scent will mix.

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